Best Hosting for small business

One of the biggest misconceptions about hosting and websites is that they are meant for the big fish of the industry. 
Well, it is not so. Online space doesn’t differ in small and big businesses, everyone is welcomed.
If someone wants to build a website for small business, one of the most important decisions would be deciding the hosting provider. 
A small business has limited funds, so while choosing the hosting, one has to be careful. 
So it comes down to- Which is the best hosting for a small business?
Not only this question is tricky, but to find the best hosting company for a small business is a task in itself. 
While looking for web hosting for small business, the first thing to keep in mind is what kind of website one requires?
Is it eCommerce, one page website, portfolio, media, non-profit, brochure, etc.
It is important, as to find the best hosting sites for a small business, one needs to have an approximate idea about how much space it will take up on the internet. 
After having an idea about the space, the next step is to look for the providers who offer packages around that space. 
Note: The website usually grows overtime, hence, would need more space.

Other than the above, below are a few points to keep in mind to land up with the best hosting for your website.

  1. Scalability: The hosting provider must have the capacity to update your hosting package at any given point and whatever capacity.
  2. Great uptime: A hosting service is nothing without a great uptime. Make sure their servers are in place and the uptime is as high as possible. A provider with 99.995% uptime is considered very good.
  3. Support/Live chat: Being a new user, you might get stuck at various points. Therefore, it calls the need for customer support from the provider’s end.
  4. Reliable: Fraud alert. Don’t fall into the trap of overpaying, downtime,
  5. Backup: Trust us, you want a backup of your website for the ‘just in case’ situations. Therefore, before signing up, verify the backup intervals from the hosting provider.
  6. Business email accounts: It adds up to the professionalism. Therefore, try and manage to get business email accounts for all communication.
  7. Control panel access: Overtime, you would want to make changes(for good) on the website. Therefore, there is no point relying on the provider for every single change. A good hosting provider will offer CPanel access with hosting. Make sure to sign up for this.

How does hosting work?

A web host, known as the web hosting service provider provides the technology and the services needed for the website or the webpage to be viewed on the internet by the users.

There are special computers which STORE or HOST the website. These are called servers.

When any user around the world types a URL into their browser, their computer connects them to the server where your website is hosted and delivers the webpage to them through their browser.

Types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting: It means that your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. 
    One of the biggest advantages of shared hosting is minimize cost.  This is because the cost is shared amongst other websites. 
    This type of hosting is highly suggested for the budding startups since it minimizes the initial cost of investment. Plus new websites don’t have a lot of traffic, so there are very slight chances of the server crashing.
  • Reseller web hosting: It is a form of shared hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, or reseller shared hosting services.
    Reseller packages come with greater technical control, free website templates and technical support from the hosting company for your clients’ support issues.
  • Cloud based hosting: Hundreds of individual servers work together to make it look like one big server. This is how cloud hosting is done. As need grows, hosting company can simply add more hardware. 
    It’s advantage is that it can accomodate surge of traffic instead of shutting the website down. 
    Many providers offer plans like – ‘Pay what you use’ , so choose wisely.
  • Visual Private Server: Popularly known as VPS, Virtual Private Server share on physical server but act like multiple separate servers. VPS are stepping stones between shared hosting and getting own dedicated machine. It shares hardware resources. 
    Talk about advantages? It avoids the problem of having the hosting neighbours bring down the website while avoiding the cost of a dedicated server.
  • Dedicated web server: It means you are renting one physical server from a hosting company. It’s biggest advantage is – You can have full control if you want.

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Which would be the best service provider for domain purchase and hosting a personal site?

Personal websites are tricky as compared to other websites. They LITERALLY represent you on the internet. Therefore, you must consider the following factors before going on with the first option popping up on the search engine.

  • Data requirement: With any website, you need to roughly calculate the space required. More images, more text, more videos is directly proportional to more space. Therefore, make sure that the provider is capable of providing you with the required space and not over-provision or under the provision.
  • Disaster management: Worst case scenario, website crashes. What happens after that? Whatever may happen, you don’t want to lose your data! Therefore, make sure that the hosting provider has an excellent backup service. If given an option, choose the plan which backups on a daily basis. This increases peace of mind.
  • Secure server: The server should have layers of security on it. Firewall and antivirus protection are the two major measures which are taken to secure the server. This helps to reduce the chances of hacking and any kind of security breach which can result in major disasters and losses.
  • Cpanel access: It is very important for the website owner to have cPanel (or the control panel) access. With control panel access, the owner has authority over the backend of the website. This enables him to make changes, like, upload or delete files, change the outlook, make any kind of corrections, etc.
  • Top notch technology: The provider should be equipped with high-end technology so that there are least hindrances in the hosting process. Linux technology is one of the best when it comes to hosting as it is cost effective and very efficient.
  • Uptime: One of the most common problems with hosting is – Server uptime. If the server doesn’t have at least 99.9% uptime, it’s gonna cause problems with your website. It is simple – if the server goes down, the site stops responding and the bounce rate(people existing the website) increases. In addition to that, it leads to dissatisfied customers, harm to brand reputation, lower search engine ranking, and so on. 
    Hence, all the effort gone down the drain. 
    Therefore, question your provider about their uptime & downtime and if possible, test it!

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